Wine Aerator and Pourer

Wine Aerator and Pourer


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Celebrating an auspicious occasion with your favorite bottle of wine is one of the fine things in life. The designers have dedicated themselves to the development of wine accessories that support the connoisseurs of wine. By combining a decanter and an aerator, you get two must-haves for any passionate wine fans into one product. This product fits into all bottles and have a drip catcher meaning don't miss out. This product designed with the Venturi principle in mind, meaning that this product is designed with taste and durability in mind. This bold design makes your bold red's flavor stand out even more. Whether you drink Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon, or a blend, Let this innovative product enhance your favorite red.


  • Use for intensive aeration of the wine when pouring
  • Features a non-drip pouring catcher
  • The silicone stopper fits perfectly in the bottle
  • The fine stainless steel filter holds back unwanted particles